getting started info for whoever

getting started info for whoever

Postby luttine » Mon Jul 03, 2017 11:29 am

When I first joined this site and kiting last year I was overwhelmed on how to get started so I'm going to break it down for you (and a dear friend of mine who needed to know).

Urban Surf is awesome and they offer lessons that provide all gear for $100/hr. One hour will wear you out at first. The only other thing you'll need is a bathing suit and a wetsuit which they can rent you for $20, and maybe some flip flops and sun screen and water or beer whateves. If you take a lesson they will jetski you to the island.

You might want to fly a trainer kite before your lesson just to save you some time and $. They can tell you about them at Urban Surf or any other kite school. And you can do it anywhere with a little bit of wind and no powerlines. So check that out.


If you already kite & aren't going to take a lesson the steady learning spot here is Jetty Island. Its a little island right off the coast of Everett. You'll need a way to cross the water.

You drive here:

111 Craftsman Way
Everett, WA 98201

pay the $3 parking and then you'll need a little inflatable canoe or something to go maybe 100 yards from the city to the island. These work fine and you can pump them up with your kite pump. some people have paddle boards and nicer things etc.
[url] ... V7BW9F3685[/url]

paddle towards the island and land on the beach just north of the dock. leave your boat and paddle there with all the other kiters boats

grab your gear and follow the trail to the left, you'll pass the urban surf storage shack where they keep all the lessons stuff. Then turn right and you'll cross the little island and come out on the beach where the other kiters will be. They call it steady jetty because its pretty consistent for the summer season here. Its definitely light wind though. I ride a 13 meter there, but I've definitely seen bigger. I'm 130 lbs. Smaller kites with foils, I see 10's a lot.

As far as conditions theres an easy app iKitesurf - just look at the wind meter on jetty island nature preserve. You want the arrows pointing down and slightly to the right. 11 or more is good.

when the tide is going out don't go too far south down the beach it gets quicksand like of mud. Theres also a shipwreck out that way in the water, everyone kind of uses the big rock on the beach as a marker. just ask someone where it is when you get there if you're worried about it. its a super safe area, I'm just giving you all the info it took me a while to gather.

later in the fall we go further north to bellingham camino island Iverson beach but you must be able to go upwind there its less of a beginners spot. theres also always hood river. small kites there. I couldn't tell you the other spots names. Double bluff? Oh and Westport if you want to kite surf in the waves.

Theres also a wind forecast on urban surf website under lessons here:

In the fall and spring I wear a 5/4/3mm hooded wetsuit and in the summer I wear a 2mm long sleeve.

Enjoy, I hope you meet some friends.
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Re: getting started info for whoever

Postby luttine » Tue Jul 04, 2017 2:10 pm

You can also order the progression videos to get you started if you want a run down on gear and kite relaunch, self rescue etc. they are a little dry but informative
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