KitePaddleSurf Fall Sales

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KitePaddleSurf Fall Sales

Postby kitepaddlesurf » Tue Nov 08, 2016 3:53 pm

Currently here at Kitepaddlesurf the winds blowing, lots of 35+ knot days this fall. That means we are hyped about kiteboarding and willing to bring in a large amount of inventory to get great deals.

Image ... -15120.htm
We brought in a huge amount of Slingshot RPMs, everyone's favorite kite here in the shop. 9m RPMS starting at $749, 12m at $869, and 14m at $930. This kite ranges all skill levels, schools using it to teach students to the top competing freestyle kiteboarders in the world.

Next we have a large collection of older but new kiteboards, everything from a few years old to last year. Why get 2017 boards when they are the same with different graphics? Slingshot Vision Kiteboard at $299 Normally $699 2016 Slingshot Misfit Kiteboard at $399 Normally $579 Slingshot Misfit Kiteboard at $319 Normally $579 2014 Liquid Force Focus at $200 Normally $459

2017 Blade Triggers are here now meaning that last years Triggers are on sale. The Trigger is the best all around kite that we sell. It is great for airstyle, wave riding and basic unhooked tricks. The kite almost relaunches itself.
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