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Re: Self landing technique

Postby bustingbladder » Mon Apr 08, 2013 8:09 am

Watched Lou Waiman self land tons of times in strong conditions. Just race the kite down from 12 o'clock hard to the front of the window and at the same time start running downwind about 7 strides. As the kite reaches the most forward point in the window, just yank the back line and the thing slaps right down regardless of type of kite. Practice makes perfect! Always more challenging in nuke conditions, hence the reason to ride with a buddy and assist each other if possible.

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Re: Self landing technique

Postby eric » Mon Apr 08, 2013 8:14 am

bustingbladder wrote:Watched Lou Waiman self land tons of times in strong conditions.

Lou Wainman is not human. Whatever technique he uses to self land does not apply to mere mortals. I have seen footage of him self launching too, by just throwing the kite in the air and dealing with it.

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Re: Self landing technique

Postby KitesofFury » Mon Apr 08, 2013 12:40 pm

Check out the self launch at 0:32.

indeed we mere mortals cannot ride like Lou.

PS: This is bad ass can't wait to try the toss self launch on 27m lines at Keek or GG when it's really crowded :)
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Re: Self landing technique

Postby Roberto » Tue Jun 18, 2013 10:31 am

KitesofFury wrote:Check out the self launch at 0:32.

indeed we mere mortals cannot ride like Lou.

PS: This is bad ass can't wait to try the toss self launch on 27m lines at Keek or GG when it's really crowded :)

Looks like a 5m Kite and 15m lines, with that setup... easy ;)
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Re: Self landing technique

Postby PKSP » Thu Jun 20, 2013 10:32 am

thats a goid vid, and y'all pretty much hashed out the important stuff.

this technique should be considered a "trick" and not "the" self land technique. it is far from guaranteed to drop your kite without issue. that being said you can get to the point with practice of mastering the trick, and pulling it clean in virtually all conditions.

disabling the kite onto the leash system (preferably a single centerline leash system) is the technique that can be considered a guaranteed way to self land, in all conditions.

there is no such thing as a mini fifth line. that is an ambiguous term that is used for a variety of different things, it needs to go away. what is described as a mini fifth line system in the video is simply a centerline leader line, which is part of a Y style centerline configuration. i believe the leash system on the bar flying the core kite is a double centerline leash system. (as apposed to single centerline leash system on the SS pictured). a bar can have either a single or double centerline leash system on either a Y or a V centerline configuration.

an additional aspect of this trick: it can be helpful (necessary) in high winds to allow the kite to fall from the edge of the wind (10-15ft off the ground), with high depower, and then rip back on the high centerline a few feet from the ground. when doing that, it is an advantage to position/pull the kite forward in the wind window as it is falling depowered with either a hard pull on both centerlines, or by quickly moving yourself downwind a few degrees as the kite is falling. this is more difficult than setting the kite down (obviously) but also much more effective in high winds.

this is an "advanced" self landing trick.

although it is recommended to be unhooked from the harness loop for a few reasons, you must keep your leash on (the proper kite disabling leash attachment point) in case you blow it, that way you can stand back from your lines and let the leash disable the kite as it attempts to flip downwind or otherwise power up.

finally, maintain open space downwind in case you blow it, because if you do, the kite will likely end up straight downwind (disabled onto the leash)
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Re: Self landing technique

Postby srch4wind » Wed Jul 03, 2013 8:21 pm

I've used this technique a few times. Most recently at the safest spot of all, low tide at Jetty. It worked, but for me was a bit sketchy. The bar I use, Cabrinha, has the Y way up there. So you have to commit as the kite is dancing on the LE. It could have gone really wrong while I was getting up to the Y, but once I did it was a no brainer. Pulling the safety works great also but if no one is downwind and it's not too windy it'll work for me....
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