Lost North Airstyler Harness

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Lost North Airstyler Harness

Postby Katina » Sun Jul 16, 2017 9:21 am

Update: my harness was found by a fisherman who told a fellow kiter at jetty island boat dock that he put it on the life jacket rack the day before (7/14). They both walked over to the life jackets but it was not there. Did one of my fellow kiters pick it up? I'm staying optimistic! :)

Lost: North Airstyler Harness (lime green). I took the Waverunner around the North end of Jetty Island today (7/7) and my harness was clipped to my kite bag on my back. When I hit the wind waves I think the clip popped open and the harness went into the water. Do any of you know any fisherman sites that I could post to? I think that's my best option for getting it back. Thanks!
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