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Re: Idea. Snowkiting Section

Postby Tuna » Fri Dec 11, 2009 6:08 pm

surfalki1 wrote:Wow! :(

Just wanted to share the stoke for snow! And that I have way easier ways to get to the goods than Gayiotrope Ridge mission.

I guess this is my 14th post...not that anyone is counting!

That's actually pretty funny. Take ones to know one gaylasurf!
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Re: Idea. Snowkiting Section

Postby j.p. » Fri Dec 18, 2009 1:02 pm

DanielStoner wrote:I think there are two issues: (1) Changing the forum, (2) and the process of changing the board.

Regarding # 1, the changes up to this point (excluding the Snowkiting forum) are intended to make a simpler, more functional user experience. I think that has been accomplished, and in fact has made it less cluttered. The bulk has been done so I don't see the need to make any other significant changes for a while.

Regarding # 2, the process the BOD has articulated is to (a) discuss and approve any significant changes (prior to them going live), (b) test them on a separate test site, and (c) have them go live. The Snowkiting sub-forum was put up without following that procedure and will be removed until a decision by the BOD is made.

Needless Bureaucracy.... :cry:
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