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Postby Pearse » Thu Jan 08, 2015 2:49 pm

I have been on the Element3 for five months now and have both the 9 and 11m. I have been mostly riding hooked in on a surfboard with a few twin tip rides here and there. In these sizes the kites are great; I can’t speak for other sizes. The kites are really stable and easy to fly, I feel as if my kite control is finally where it should be. The 11m has great low end, on a surfboard I am out when it just starts to cap; I’m guessing 11 to 12 knots. In the light winds I am just cruising but having so much fun working on fundamentals, switchstance riding, ducktacks, ollies, surface spins, riding the board backwards, shoveits, ect…The kite is so stable I don’t have to work hard to recover from improper kite position or botched footwork. The combo of renewed energy for progression on a surfboard and the stability of the kite has made kiting here in the sound so fun again. However I am addicted to waves this is where I want my kites to perform best. The ability to control the kite one handed is my favorite attribute the fact that the kite just seems to stay in the air better than any other kite I have flown makes me love these kites. The drift is really sweet and makes the kite so forgiving. The kite handles the gusts as well. Overall I am very happy with the Element3 and feel it fits my style of fun and playful kiting. One last point worth mentioning, in all but very powered wind the Element3 self-lands very nicely, I can set it on the ground on a wingtip and grab the upper center line and it falls to the ground quite easily. If I’m powered I just flag it to one line. The construction is on par with the best, over three generations they have continued to improve in quality of materials and construction details of the kite.

Another great kite by Switch :D
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