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Stolen gear

PostPosted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:25 am
by Joaquin
Hey all my good friend got most of the stuff stolen a little while back and he wanted me to post this up on the forearm since he doesn't have an account, please please keep a good eye out for it super bummer!

Items Taken in car prowl first week in Nov.

2016 North Bar
6 meter North Neo
10m NRG
12m envy
Liquid Force (compatible) Pump
Liquid Force travel bag (black/blue and says PGA on the outside.
LF WLF 140 lighter wind board Hande
Tona 142 wake style rail board w/ large Cabrina Sandles. Handle with mounded gojo
O’Neal blue and black wetsuit
Large DaKine renegade waist harness
Large neoprene liquid Force 'cardigan' life vest. (Red and black)
hand held wind meter.
Costco 48” Bamboo Jaseboard longboard skateboard

Please contact Paul if you have any info