Locust Info Sharing

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Locust Info Sharing

Postby PistolPete » Fri Oct 17, 2014 11:35 pm

PSKITE - Kite Beaches:,-120.948486&spn=4.21049,8.448486&z=7

Bellingham's Kite Beach

This is one of the best places to learn in the state and one of the best places to ride in the North Sound. Lot's of variety and ever changing terrain as the tide changes, lot's of fun.
Super long reaches, no boat traffic, usually you can stand up anywhere so it's great for trying new stuff and crashing your kite, easy to get it relaunched and lines sorted without swimming in or bailing on your sesh.

High tides on cranking days can have nice wind waves the break super mushy, head upwind to deep water to get into the good stuff

Lower tides can be great with a 2+ mile slick of butter smooth water. When the tide is really low either just ride in the narrow strip of the Nooksack River cutting thru the flats or head upwind to deeper water. Summer can also have bathtub warm water on low tide days. Never the same, usually a good time when there's wind When it's low the walk to the water can be pretty far so check out Squalicum Beach or Post Point

Wind: SE, S, SW

below 4' tides you can launch off the tide flats, which is fine sand/silt, messy but rinses right off
Above 6-7', there is a strip of sand that you can self launch off but the strip of big rocks between the tide flats and can catch your lines, having someone to help is good.
When the tide is 8' + the water is almost up to the trees.
There are pilings that you can tie your leash to for Bow self launches or using a 5th line to self launch off the water

Per our friends at
Locust is kiteable on SE to SW winds, although occasionally W and NW are kiteable. Tides under 2ft will require a walk out to the water, and tides over 7ft can reduce the amount of shallow waters in some areas. This sensor is located 1 mile west of locust beach (at driftwood) and is useful for actual on water readings.



Current Conditions:

Web Cam:

Parking Tips
Plans are underway for the expansion of the parking space that is up the road from the trail for Locust Beach, Hewett said. The planning and development of this expansion will start early next year, said Leslie Bryson, design and development manager for the Bellingham Parks and Recreation Department.

Some Parking History:
Join The NSKA… 2. Free Parking at Locust and use of the facility…


And when it's not windy...
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Oct 2015 Edit - Major Upgrade Planned !

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Re: Locust Info Sharing

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