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**Production Raceboard for Canadian Nationals**

PostPosted: Wed Aug 01, 2012 7:58 pm
by zephyrkite
Hi there,

My name is Jacki and I'm from Halifax, NS but living in Florida at the moment. During my hike from the south back to the great white north to compete in the Canadian Nationals my raceboard did not make it therefore I'm looking for a complete backup production board. Adam Vance was ever so kind as to lend me his board but it is in Seattle at the moment finless. I'm currently in Vancouver en route to the Nationals, hoping that someone would be able to take Adam's raceboard up to Vancouver for me.

Also, I was told to ask John Penxa if he could let me use the race tri fins for this board but I'm not sure how to relay the message to him. My mobile number is 561-767-2154.

I would be greatly thankful to anyone who could help me.

Windy regards,